What is Kraken

Why is it so difficult to find current kraken9.at mirrors

TOR browser to log in to kraken3

What you can buy on the Kraken website

The main darknet site for today Kraken Onion

Registering and going to the KRAKEN website is only part of the way, because with a high degree of probability you didn’t just come to look at the assortment of products. Most likely you want to purchase something on the site. In this matter, as in almost all matters of the darknet,There are some nuances that you need to be aware of and avoid making mistakes. And so we tell you what you need to do first after registration, if you want to buy a prohibited card on the site.

How to properly top up the balance of the kraken8.at platform?

As you already understood first of all, even before you start looking for products, you need to top up your account. And here there may be difficulties for those who do not use crypto wallets. The fact is that all payments on KRAKEN take place in Bitcoin, since these are anonymous payments. And if you have a wallet, then there are absolutely no problems with replenishment. If you don’t have Bitcoin, then you need to exchange your money for KRAKEN account money. You can do this in the section Exchanger. You go to this page, then select from the list the money that you have, for example SBER. Then indicate the amount and click select offers. You will find several exchangers that offer their services in this area. Each has its own commission percentage, the number of exchanges carried out and other information. Choose the option that suits you, pay using the details and within 10-15 minutes the money will be credited to your account.